Appendix 47 Compliance

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The 2021 Code Edition of ASME® Section VIII, Division 1, has new requirements for all “U” Stamp Certificate Holders

The new provisions of Appendix 47 limit who can perform and approve the design function for pressure vessels.

Our company’s Certified Engineers and Qualified Designers are experienced and meet the new Appendix 47 requirements. We want to be your outsourced “Responsible Charge” to assure you are in compliance with the new Appendix.

Prior to the 2021 Edition, Section VIII, Division 1 of the ASME® Code was largely mute concerning specific qualification requirements of those individuals involved in the design of pressure vessels. With the addition of Appendix 47 to the Code, this is no longer the case. Smaller manufacturers who do not have a Certifying Engineer on staff may find the requirements of this new appendix impact their design operations and bottom line. Since this is a new appendix affecting all manufacturers of pressure vessels, revisions and/or clarifications to this Appendix, whether enacted with a new Edition of the Code or as an ASME® Code Committee interpretation, are likely.

Don’t Let The New Regulations Stop You From Manufacturing

To further help your company meet the new requirements we will supply the Quality Control Manual language updates, exhibits, appointment letters, and maintain the “Responsible Charge” requirements for your business.

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