NBIC Repairs / Alterations

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NBIC Repairs / Alterations

NBIC Alterations are the most significant type of repair. When repairs are made to code vessels, the NBIC® (National Board Inspection Code) classifies NBIC Repairs / Alterations into three categories: 

What category would your vessel fall under? 

Most Alterations usually require calculations for the new vessel parts and a hydrostatic test after completion. According to the current rules of the NBIC® (National Board Inspection Code), hydro-testing or pressure testing is not necessarily required for repairs or alterations. The NDE (Nondestructive Examination) is one option in lieu of pressure testing regarding all repairs. For alterations, it depends on the type of alteration. In certain cases, NDE versus a hydrotest is appropriate.

Common types of Repairs or Alterations

Some of the most common types of Repairs / Alterations to pressure vessels that are covered by the NBIC® (National Board Inspection Code) include

Standard repairs involve things like:

 Examples of Alterations are:

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